Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Update for 30/7/14

Today, we:
-Furnished the rooms in the stealth robbery prototype with the props we made, and added lasers as well. We will move onto a different prototype next week.
-Decided on what game we plan to proceed with. We decided on a multiplayer dragon game where you go around killing villagers and claiming their treasures, meanwhile other dragons are doing the same thing and can steal your treasures (however, they have to deal with tiny dragons you can spawn defending the villages).

Monday, 28 July 2014

Update for 29/7/14

Today, for our stealth robbery prototype we're currently working on, we:

-Modelled some props and furniture, such as shelves, televisions and security cameras.
-Partially fixed AI for the security guards of the prototype.
-Created a camera system to switch between stationary cameras for different sections of the level based on where the player was currently at.


Hello, and welcome to the Overcharge Studios blog! We are a group of six students who intend to create a great game for our final assessment. We have several ideas for this and we're currently crafting prototypes to see which ones we like best. Here are screenshots of two of them!

LEFT AND BELOW: A prototype for an frantic
FPS set on a rooftop.

BELOW: A prototype for a game where you play as a dragon, destroying buildings and burning villagers.